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Waters of the US Rule will impact Farm land


On Friday, October 9th, 2015 the United States Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit issued a nationwide preliminary injunction that prevents EPA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers from implementing the Waters of the U.S. ("WOTUS") rule while the court reviews the various legal matters raised in the litigation.  Although the WOTUS rule is currently not enforceable in California, the nationwide preliminary injunction ruling is not a final decision.  In the court's ruling, the court stated that the preliminary injunction will aid in determining whether the court has jurisdiction (legal grounds) to hear the case, and that briefing and a decision on this issue will likely be completed "in a matter of weeks."   Thus, the preliminary injunction should be viewed as a temporary stop in the implementation and enforcement of the rule. 


All Farm Bureau members should continue to be aware of the WOTUS rule and its possible impacts on the ground.  In order to aid county Farm Bureaus and members in understanding the rule's impacts, CFBF has created a WOTUS webpage which not only contains access to an interactive map which members can use to see how the rule impacts their property, but also useful documents about the rule and its exemptions. 

The website is located at:

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and the password:  watersoftheUS2015