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Rural Health and Safety /

Rural Crime Prevention Committee

Originally established to primarily help rural residents obtain quality health insurance, the Rural Health & Safety Committee worked in tandem with local hospitals to ensure the rural community had access to quality health care.

Today, the role involves sponsoring various safety seminars including hazardous material training, heat illness prevention, annual Nut and Cotton Harvest Safety events and promotes compliance and regulatory trainings to growers.  

Important links:

Tulare County Sheriff's Website

Sheriff's Ag Detective Unit
Agricultural Crimes Unit  Office

Tulare County District Attorney's Office
Special Investigations Division
Rural Crime: (559) 733-6600
Fax: (559) 730-2658

Rural Crime Prevention Tips and Getting an Owner Applied Number

Farm Bureau can also help you remove discarded tires from your property, contact:

Tulare County Farm Bureau
559-732-8301 phone or 559-625-FARM

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