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Quick Links for Local Resources for Farm Bureau Members

Fall Mixer

Join us for our fun and casual evening under the Oaks at Fernjo, on Friday, October 20, 2023. Tickets are $50, call 732-8301 to reserve tickets. We accept check, cash, or credit card.

Farm Safety & Ag Employer Resources

Trying to stay up to date on all the Ag Labor Laws? Ag Safe provides a variety of Employer and Farm Safety training programs.

Employer Resources for COVID19

Farm Employers Labor Service provides Employer Resources, this affiliate to CA Farm Bureau provides legal consultation services and employer support services for Farm Employers.

Stay Up to Date on Water News

Subscribe to Water Wrights and receive updates about the San Joaquin Valley groundwater subbasins, and receive news on local GSA happenings.

Metal Farm & Ranch Signs For Sale

Various metal and plastic farm watch and warning signs available for farms & ranches, call TCFB. Prices ranges from $2-$18. Many may be ordered in bulk with advance notice.

Who Are My Elected Officials?

Click here to search for your elected representatives by your address.
Find out my:
County Supervisor,
State Legislators,
Federal Congress and Senate Members

What is CV SALTS?

The San Joaquin Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board has implemented a Nitrate Salt Control Program (CV SALTS) that most farms and dairies will need to participate in via a Management Zone. Local organizations have been set up to assist with compliance in the form of a Management Zone.

Got Junk? Illegal Dumping?

Farm Bureau provides a hotline to assist farmers and rural landowners with trash dumped on county right of ways.
Trash must be on a public right of away, the road crew cannot enter private property.
Call 625-FARM today!

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