Fundraiser Committee

Raising Funds and Having a Good Time!

The Fundraiser Committee is an integral part of the Farm Bureau’s fundraising strategy to annually generate funds for the TCFB Education and Scholarship Fund, a separate 501(c)3 charitable trust established in 1988 to fund scholarships and educational programs of the Farm Bureau.

The committee annually plans and hosts a fundraising event, for many year’s the popular spring time Gala has been a large, formal dining and entertainment venue, with funds generated in the tens of thousands of dollars, which each year’s event benefiting the scholarship fund’s endowment and education committee’s work.

The Fundraiser Committee meets 8-9 months out of the year to plan the annual fundraiser, and all proceeds of the event directly benefit the Farm Bureau’s charitable program activities.

This is the only event year round utilized to build funds for the Education and Scholarship programs of the Tulare County Farm Bureau.


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