Livestockyards Committee

Livestockyards Committee

This historic long-standing committee is responsible for the management of the relationship to the Visalia Livestock Market and for ensuring a viable sales outlet for Tulare County beef cattle producers. The majority of the 21.5 acres of property owned by the Farm Bureau is under lease to the Livestock Salesyards Inc. corporation who in turn sub-leases the property to auctioneer, Randy Baxley who operates the Visalia Livestock Market.

The Visalia Livestock Market conducts a weekly sale each Wednesday. 

Pictured at left, a 1940s aerial photo of the historic yard at Ben Maddox Way and Goshen, in northeast Visalia. 


Livestockyards Committee 

Ed Carroll, Chair

Ron Paregien

Chuck Tarbell

Sam Travioli

Marty Williamson


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