Membership Requirements

Membership Requirements for AG Membership

Tulare County Farm Bureau has adopted the model bylaw provisions provided by the California Farm Bureau Federation in accordance with the Uniform Membership Agreement. The new qualifications outlined below for Voting Membership were adopted at the Annual Meeting of the Members on May 7, 2008.


An individual can now join as an Agricultural (voting) Member of the Tulare County Farm Bureau if he/she meets one of the following two criteria:


a) Member must expect to receive a substantial portion of their gross income from production agriculture as an owner, lessor, lessee, farm manager or employee of an owner, lessor, lessee or farm manager.


b) Member must expect to receive income from the farming industry in the five year period prior to joining, or expect to receive income in the coming year from the farming industry.

Only one of the two delegates representing a County Farm Bureau to the CFBF House of Delegates can qualify to serve if they meet only section b qualifications noted above.


Membership Roster

The Tulare County Farm Bureau does not release their membership roster to any individual or company for the purposes of solicitation or direct distribution of information. Said roster may be made available on special occasion to a member of the Board of Directors’ of the corporation if the Board approves the release of information by a 4/5ths vote.


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