Application Form

Tulare County Farm Bureau
Youth Leadership Program Application
Deadline: May 1, annually


Qualifications: Must be a junior in high school during the next academic year.

Must attend school in Tulare County or reside in Tulare County to apply.


I understand that it is a privilege to be accepted into the Youth Leadership Program and that I will be representing Farm Bureau during the year. I agree to conduct myself in a manner that will be a credit to the organization and attend all seminars, unless I arrange for an excused absence and a makeup activity. I understand that a code of conduct and dress will be enforced at all seminars and travel activities.
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I understand that my son/daughter has applied to be in the Tulare County Farm Bureau Leadership Program. I understand that he/she will need to attend educational meetings, some during school hours, and fully support their participation in this worthwhile program.
*Typing your name here is the same as signing your name
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