About Farm Bureau

What is Farm Bureau?

Farm Bureau is a voluntary and independent non-governmental, non-profit organization of agricultural producers united for the purpose of achieving educational improvement, economic opportunity and social advancement. Farm Bureau helps give farmers and ranchers a united voice to promote and protect their common interests without regard to political or religious affiliation. Farm Bureau is local, statewide, national and international in scope and influence.

Tulare County Farm Bureau is comprised of agricultural members (those who receive income from farming or ranching), associate members (those who do not receive income from production agriculture and are non-voting).  Business and Heritage Members may belong as Agricultural or Associate. 

The Tulare County Farm Bureau is governed by a 23-member Board of Directors consisting of the Executive Committee, 15 District Directors, the California Farm Bureau Federation District 6 Director, Immediate Past President, Chairperson of the Livestockyards Committee and the Tulare County Young Farmers & Ranchers Committee Chairperson. A District Director resides or operates a farm or ranch in the county district in which they are elected to represent. These districts correspond to Tulare County supervisorial districts and help Farm Bureau remain a member-controlled, grassroots policy driven organization.


Tulare County
Farm Bureau

Founded in 1917, Tulare County Farm Bureau today has over 1,300 members. Nationwide there are more than 2,800 county Farm Bureaus.

California Farm Bureau

At the state level, the California Farm Bureau Federation (CFBF) represents the interests of Farm Bureau members. Founded in 1919, CFBF is a federation of 53 California county Farm Bureaus representing over 50,000 members. Visit CFBF at www.CFBF.com.

American Farm Bureau Federation

Covering the national scene on behalf of Farm Bureau members is the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) with membership exceeding 5,000,000. In 1919 the AFBF was formed and today consists of 50 members - 49 state Farm Bureaus plus Puerto Rico. Visit AFBF at www.FB.org.

A little UC and Farm Bureau history ....

Farm Bureaus were organized in part as UC Farm Advisors were assigned in rural counties, through the Land Grant University System.

In 1917, the University of California, College of Agriculture defined the farm bureau as an organization of farmers and ranchers who combine to promote agriculture through co-operative study of farm conditions. The UC Cooperative Extension Service and Farm Bureau share a rich history of working together jointly to serve agriculture in each County throughout California.


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