Youth Leadership Program

Applications are due each year on May 15.

Sophomores are invited to apply in the spring of their Sophomore year for the next fall. 

Must be a student that lives in Tulare County or attends a school in Tulare County.

The Tulare County Farm Bureau’s Youth Leadership Program began in 1983 as a unique opportunity for high school students to develop their leadership skills. Since its inception the program has trained over 500 young adults, many of which have gone one to pursue agricultural fields of study in college and beyond.

Farm Bureau’s goal is to have juniors from each high school in the county participate and seeks to recruit young adults that have strong potential for developing leadership skills.

Students are not required to have a connection to agriculture or Farm Bureau but should demonstrate an interest in developing leadership qualities and be able to take advantage of this program through active participation. Participants must commit to an eight-month program with seminars that focus on county, state and federal government processes, visits to university campuses, leadership and team building exercises, ag career panel, farm tours, community service, and field trips to the State Capitol, and central coast.

In 2008 the Youth Leadership Program was nationally recognized as one of the top fifteen “County Programs of Excellence” by the American Farm Bureau Federation. TCFB was honored with this award at the AFBF Annual Meeting in New Orleans.


Tentative Schedule of Seminar Activities


subject to change in sequence or format due to COVID19


August               Social Outing and Mixer for new class

September         Orientation Night

October              Cal Poly Seminar / Myers Briggs

November          Ag Field Tour or Water Seminar

December           Community Service (Saturday)

January              Career Panel at COS, Tulare

February             Public Speaking & Advocacy Seminar

March                  Sacramento trip (overnight)

April                    Seminar on County Government

May                     Annual Awards Dinner, commencement 


Absences are strongly discouraged in the program, if a student would like to do a “make up” activity for the program as extra credit for an absence, they are encouraged to attend a public meeting (ie. city council, school board, county government, or other function) and complete a makeup form.

Student Testimonials from graduates of the program:

“I would say that it is an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity that will teach you countless things. It is great if you are planning a career in agriculture, but if not it is still a great way to grow as a leader and open your mind to an industry that will always have a huge impact on your life.”

“The TCFB Youth Leadership Program has helped me become a better speaker and be less shy. I used to always be shy and afraid to share my thoughts with everyone; but because of this program, I’m able to speak in front of people. I’m able to use all that I’ve learned for college and life. I feel that I’m prepared to pursue my dreams that once seemed so far away but are now closer than ever. I want to thank this program and the people in it for making me a better leader.”

“I would say that it forces them outside of their box and allows them to learn more about Tulare County Agriculture and California politics through fun and epic activities.”

“It is a great way to build leadership skills and also make many new friends from different places. You also get to travel to different places and see new things and I recommend it to everyone.”

“I would say that TCFB Youth Leadership is a once in a life time opportunity and that someone has a desire to further their knowledge in the farming business or see a future in politics, then they should apply for the program.”

“It is a valuable learning tool and allows you to discover the world beyond your back yard and school.”

“You will do things you never knew you wanted to do, meet interesting people, and discover what makes where you live so special.”

“It is an amazing educational program and a fun experience where you get to meet new people. Even if you don’t know much about agriculture, you could benefit from it. I have a lot of great memories from this program.”

“The TCFB leadership program will truly open your eyes to the world of agriculture and not just in our community but statewide. It will also get you out of your shell and help shape you into the leader you want to become.”


Major Support for the program is provided by:

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